Looking for Trendy Interior Painting Ideas? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Everyone in Lawrenceville is looking for a home that expresses their unique personality and individual taste. Homes that haven’t been updated in a while look tired and dated. It’s amazing how a paint color—let’s say an acid shade of lime green—can instantly tie a home’s decor to a particular decade (in this case, the early 2000s).

We’re not saying you need to subscribe to all the top interior design magazines to be able to choose the right paint colors for your home. But if you haven’t updated your home’s look in a while, maybe it’s time to start looking for ideas!

At Express Painting And Remodeling LLC, we take pride in the sophisticated and current interior painting designs we provide for our clients. Check out these top tips for a beautiful and inviting home. Want to run an idea by us? Give us a call!

Tip: Use Paint Colors to Set a Mood

What painters and designers have known for decades finally got backed up by science: the colors in your home can drastically affect your mood. Blue shades are known to be calming; red hues inspire decisive action.

Think strategically about how to use paint color to make your home the right space for you. Maybe you want the living room to be a chill-out space but the bedroom to be bright and inspire you to bound out of bed in the morning. Or, maybe you feel like painting every room in the house a certain muted shade to inspire relaxation and contemplation. The point is, color theory can affect every aspect of a home. It’s important to be up to snuff on the latest innovations in design!

The possibilities are endless. Look on Pinterest and Instagram and flip through a book on color theory and get dreaming!

Tip: Think Beyond Wall Painting

Interior painting isn’t just about the four walls of your home. Wooden furniture can be part of the canvas too. Even a doorframe makes a suitable spot for a colorful accent piece. Imagine a rich forest green shade for a bedroom offset by a loud splash of magenta on a desk dresser.

The contrast draws in the eye and lets your guests know that you’re someone who isn’t afraid to break with convention! Ask your painter at Express Painting And Remodeling LLC how we can help use advanced techniques to create a home that expresses your individuality.

How Much Does Painting the Interior of a House Cost?

When you work with Express Painting And Remodeling LLC, less than you’d expect! We’ve made our living by providing high-quality looks at affordable prices. You can bring the paint yourself, further lowering costs, or you can choose from our full selection of some of the most vibrant and technologically advanced paints in the industry.

If you want to know more about how we’ve helped Lawrenceville residents get the fresh look they’ve dreamed of, call us to take a look at our past portfolio or come in for an initial consultation.

Calculating the Right Interior Painting Cost per Square Foot for Your Home or Business

The cost per square foot of interior painting varies widely, and although we set our rates for labor, you’re free to raise or lower the price per square foot as you please! How?

By selecting quality affordable paints, determining the number of coats your painters from Express Painting And Remodeling LLC apply, and any other finishing touches that can add to your base painting rate.

The thing about working with professional interior painters is that you may get away with using fewer cans of paints than if you did it yourself. Why? Well, experienced house and commercial painters are less likely to make mistakes, due to their years in the industry. So while your labor cost will be higher—we assume if you’re painting your own home or business you won’t give yourself an hourly rate—you are likely to save on materials.

Need a free estimate? Have your home or business’s square footage on hand and then give Express Painting And Remodeling LLC a call!

How Do I Find the Best Interior Painting Companies Near Me?

That’s easy: just pick up your phone and call Express Painting And Remodeling LLC! Okay, we’re a little biased. However, there are certain things you want to look for when you’re hiring a painting contractor or painting company in the Lawrenceville area for your home or business’s interior painting. Be sure to check for:

  • Reputation: How long has the painting company you’re thinking of working with been operating in Lawrenceville? Are they from out of town, ‘just stopping by,’ or do they have years of experience providing high-quality interior painting work to homes and businesses in Lawrenceville?
  • Past Portfolio: To create a dream design that’s entirely right for you and your home or business, you want to partner with a painting contractor company with experience handling a wide variety of styles and projects. From large to small, ornate to rustic, make sure the company you choose can do it all. The best way to do that, of course, is to look at the company’s part portfolio of projects. If they’re a reputable organization, there should be no issue—they might even have their collection available on their website already!
  • Prices: Of course, on the mind of most home and business owners is the monthly budget! Don’t get charged an arm and a leg for interior painting services; instead, shop around, ask for free estimates, and be sure you’re getting competitive rates for top-shelf services.

Based on these three things, Express Painting And Remodeling LLC comes out on top. We’re from Lawrenceville—so you know the money you spend on our services is going to stay in the local community, rather than line the bank accounts of the fat cats of a multinational corporation. We’ve been operating here for ten years and have a wide roster of satisfied clients from both residential and commercial backgrounds. Moreover, with our competitive rates, we’re always ready to stand face-to-face with our competitors to offer you the best possible service and value. Call us today to learn more!